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You get custom fabrication to your specs and deadlines. We cut, bend, weld and assemble at our conveniently located shop in the heart of Los Angeles. We specialize in flashing, i.e., drip metal, angle metal, Z metal, edge metal, saddles, coping, louvers, chimney caps, door and window pans, tile pans and scuppers.

Follow the simple steps to get your metal items quickly.

Choose one of our handy templates from the templates page and fill in your required dimensions. You can also print it out and add your specs by hand, or make your own drawing.

Choose your material and thickness from the array we keep in stock. Let us know your choice by typing it in the materials area of the online template, or writing it on the printed version.

Once the template is completed, please click the Submit button. You can also email or fax us the template if you have filled it out using another method. Email [email protected] or fax us at (323) 918-2042.

We build product to your specs and you pick it up.






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