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Choose one of our handy templates from the list below and fill in your required dimensions. You can print it out and add your specs by hand, or make your own drawing.

Choose your material and thickness from the array we keep in stock. Let us know your choice by filling in the materials area of the template.

Once the template is completed, please email or fax us the template. Email [email protected] or fax us at (323) 766-2698.

We build product to your specifications and you can pick it up from either location or have it delivered anywhere in the Los Angeles area.

Angle Metal

Has many uses. In residential buildings it is used on decks along with screed or mill core (1/2" rise).

Chimney Chase Cap

Flashes fireplace flue to the chimney chase. Generally the collar is up 2"-3" and sides are 1 1/2" ore more


Used mainly to cap walls. Sides are usually down 1 1/2" or more.

Deck Door Pan

Door Pan

Drip/Edge Metal

Metal used at roof eaves and gables, with the desired angle. It is usually down 1 1/2" or more and back 2" or more.


Used either on built-up roofing (1/2" rise) and modified bitumen (1/8" or more).gables, with the desired angle. It is usually down 1 1/2" or more and back 2" or more.

Z Metal

Usually used at wall to roof or deck conditions. Back is up 2" or more behind moisture barrier and front is down 2" or more over moisture barrier below. (1/2" rise).






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